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DNA Testing Without the Father
A grandparentage test is often one of the better relationship tests to
perform to determine paternity of  a child.  The best testing scenario is a
test which includes the mother, child and both of the alleged father’s
parents (the child's paternal grandmother and grandfather).  By including
both of the alleged father’s parents, the alleged father’s DNA profile can
be reconstructed.  Comparing the alleged father’s reconstructed profile
against the child’s DNA, can allow this testing scenario to give results as
accurate as a paternity test.

Each time a person is removed from the test, such as a grandparent or
mother, the strength of the genetic evidence decreases, therefore testing
all 4 individuals is the best testing option.

The fee for this test is based on the number of individuals tested.  
Results are available in 3 business days.
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An avuncular test involves testing the child’s paternal aunt or uncle (the
alleged father’s sister or brother).  Including the mother in this test is
strongly recommended as it strengthens the genetic evidence.   
Generally, this test will not give results as strong as a grandparentage
test, but it is still a good option if the only people available for testing are
the alleged father's siblings.

The fee for this test is based on the number of individuals tested.  
Results are available in 3 business days.
A siblingship test is useful for determining if individuals are full brother/sisters,
half brothers/sisters or unrelated.  Whenever the mother(s) is/are known, it is
strongly recommended that they be included in the test.  Including the
mother(s) in the test can increase the results ten-fold, where you might see a
probability of 98% instead of only 83%.

Our DNA Case Managers can help you determine which siblingship test is
right for you.

The fee for this test is based on the number of individuals tested.  
Results are available in 3 business days.
Approximately one in every fifty Americans is a twin, two thirds of which are
fraternal and one third identical.  Identical twins are formed when one egg is
fertilized by a single sperm cell and then divides within the first few days of
pregnancy. If division of the egg occurs after 8 days, this can result in
conjoined twins, also known as Siamese twins.  Twins produced by this
process are referred to as identical since their DNA sequence is identical.   
While the twins are identical genetically, this often does not apply to the actual
physical or behavioral traits. Generally their traits are similar, however they
can differ.  
Fraternal twins are formed when two eggs are independently
fertilized by two sperm cells. Fraternal twins do not have identical DNA but will
have half of their DNA in common, just like siblings of the same parents that
are born at different times. Fraternal twins can either be of the same sex or
different sex.  
If the father is deceased or simply unavailable for testing, a grandparentage test, avuncular test or siblingship test can
be performed.
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Mother, Child, 2 Grandparents....$840
Mother, Child, 1 Grandparent......$630
Child, 2 Grandparents..................$630
Child, 1 Grandparent....................$525

Mother, Child, Aunt or Uncle........$630
Child, Aunt or Uncle......................$420

2 Siblings...............................$420

2 Children...............................$420
The occurrence of fraternal twins varies substantially in frequency over the world.  They are common in the pregnancies
of older women, especially common in Africans, and relatively rare among those of Asian heritage.  Twin classification
done at delivery often results in misidentification.  For example, approximately 25-33% of
identical twins have two sets
of chorionic membranes.  Unless a DNA or other blood test was performed, it is difficult to accurately determine if twins
are fraternal or identical.

The fee for this test includes 2 individuals.  Results are available in 2 business days.  
DNA testing can be used to confirm the biological relationship between a
mother and child.  The testing follows the same principles as in paternity
testing.  This test is often useful in cases were a child has been separated by
adoption or there is a concern that the baby was switched at birth.  

The fee for this test includes the mother and a single child.  Results are
available in 2 business days.

Mother, Child .................$525
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